Fleet Auto Body Shop for Body Work on Parkland Fleet Vehicles


Owning fleet vehicles in the Parkland, WA area, you might find it difficult to receive collision repair services for all your vehicles. In such a scenario, approach us at City Center Collision Services, your trusted fleet auto body shop in the Parkland area.

Offering quality collision repair and fleet auto body repair services, we restore the original condition of your damaged Parkland area vehicles. Being a one-stop fleet auto body shop, we cater to varied fleet auto body repair needs. Our technicians examine your automobiles to deliver precise collision repair services. Holding significant experience, we a:

  • Reliable fleet auto body shop
  • Fleet auto body shop offering effective services
  • Fleet auto body shop delivering services from trained technicians
  • Fleet auto body shop fulfilling different collision repair needs
  • Fleet auto body shop providing custom auto repair services

Fleet Auto Body Repair for Parkland Cars, Trucks and Vans


When the need for fleet auto body repair is realized by fleet vehicle owners in the Parkland area, it is best to seek services from a professional fleet auto body shop. Offering the required services, our fleet auto body shop can put your vehicles back on the road in the Parkland area.

We are the fleet auto body repair experts you can rely on for your Parkland area fleet automobiles. Being equipped with the latest tools, we deliver advanced fleet auto body repair services and can meet all your collision repair needs in the Parkland area. We offer the following in our fleet auto body shop:

  • Fleet auto body repair from certified technicians
  • Proficient fleet auto body repair services
  • Committed fleet auto body repair services
  • Fleet auto body repair services for cars, truck and vans
  • Careful fleet auto body repair services

Why Choose Us for Collision Repair on Parkland Fleet Vehicles?


To expect quality collision repair on fleet vehicles, it is necessary that you count on a fleet auto body shop in the Parkland area. Services like fleet auto body repair and collision repair offer true results when offered by a professional fleet auto body shop.

When you need collision repair on Parkland area fleet automobiles, depend on us. Holding significant experience, we provide the following in the Parkland area:

  • Quick response to collision repair needs
  • Vigilant collision repair services
  • Affordable collision repair services
  • Proficient collision repair services
  • Dedicated services

For the finest fleet auto body repair services, Parkland area residents can call City Center Collision Services at 253-948-4655.