We spend years training our new technicians and equipping our facility with the best technology for aluminum body repair. We're proud to say that City Center Collision is currently leading the way in high-quality aluminum repair work.

City Center Collision is also a member of the Assured Performance network for Ford certified repairs. Our collision repair center has top-of-the-line equipment and an dedicated aluminum body repair space.


City Center Collision understands the significant differences between working on steel versus aluminum repairs. Sending your vehicle to a shop that doesn't understand these distinctions may do more, if not irreversible, damage to your vehicle. That's why City Center Collision has trained our employees to expertly repair aluminum.

Our technicians recognize that aluminum doesn't have the same repair properties that steel does, nor does it respond to heat as well as steel does. Once aluminum is bent or damaged, it takes aluminum-specific tools to repair the dents and reshape your vehicle's exterior. City Center Collision has equipped our shop and technicians with the highest-quality tools and knowledge to transform any aluminum body back to its pre-accident condition.