Classic Auto Body Repair Shop Serving the Parkland Community


If your car has an accident, it’s quite difficult to face the consequences. So, in order to ensure you get classic auto body repair in the Parkland, WA area, we are here to provide you with excellent car repair services. We are carrying out our services successfully since 1998. We are here to provide you with:

  • Insurance service to ensure great communication with different insurance companies
  • Classic auto body in the Parkland area from a classic auto body repair shop
  • Getting advanced equipment from classic auto body repair shop in the Parkland area
  • Getting in touch with different auto body repair shops for classic auto body in the Parkland area

Custom Auto Body Work for Parkland Specialty Vehicles


Everybody loves luxury auto body parts customized for their cars. After all, you want your car to be attractive on the road. In order to achieve that remarkable look, you can visit our classic auto body repair shop and purchase luxury auto body parts.

We give a lot of attention to the customization of your car so that you get the best parts and accessories. We can refit your car in the following manner:

  • A brand new hood from our classic auto body repair shop in the Parkland area
  • Addition of high quality fender flares at our classic auto body repair shop in the Parkland area
  • Replacement of car headlights at our classic auto body repair shop in the Parkland area
  • Modification of tail lights from our classic auto body repair shop in the Parkland area
  • Luxury auto body parts for your car at our classic auto body repair shop in the Parkland area

Luxury Auto Body Repairs for High-End Parkland Cars


For the repair of luxury auto body parts from a classic auto body repair shop, we assist you with all car repair service. We offer you luxury auto body parts, which can be used for easy replacements. Our expert technicians handle the repairs with great care. Some advantages of classic auto body repairs are mentioned below:

  • Highly-trained auto experts to install luxury auto body parts in the Parkland area
  • Excellent classic auto body repair shop with modern tools in the Parkland area
  • A smooth painting process and a wide range of colors to choose from
  • Extensive knowledge of vehicles that ensures proper refurbishing of cars
  • Classic auto body repair shop expertise and tools for repairs in the Parkland area
  • Wide range of luxury auto body parts such as LED lights, racing mirrors and skirts

Welcome to City Center Collision Repairs. Here, you will get modern classic auto body parts. We take pride in providing excellent luxury auto body work in the Parkland area. In order to prevent your luxurious car from dents and scratches, contact us at 253-948-4655.

Some of the classic cars and luxury cars we can service

Classic and Luxury Cars
Abarth Acura Allard Allstate Alpine Alvis American Motors
AC Amphicar Apollo Arnolt Bristol ASA Aston Martin ATS
Audi Austin Austin-Healey Avanti Beck Bentley Berkeley
Bertone Bitter Bizzarrini BMW Borgward Bricklin Bristol
Bugatti Buick Cadillac Checker Cheetah Chevrolet Chrysler
Chrysler Ghia Cisitalia Citroen Clenet Clipper Connaught Continental
Corbin Cord Crosley Cunningham Daimler Datsun Davis
Delage Delahaye Delorean Denzel DeSoto DeTomaso Deutsch-Bonnet
Devin DKW Dodge Dual Ghia Edsel Edwards Elva
Excalibur Facel Vega Ferrari Fiat Ford Frazer Frazer Nash
Ghia Ginetta Glas Glassic Glasspar GMC Goggomobil
Goliath Gordon-Keeble Griffith Guanci Healey Heinkel Henry J
Honda HRG Hudson Imperial Intermeccanica Iso Jaguar
Jensen Jensen-Healey Jowett Kaiser Kurtis Kraft Laforza Lagonda
Lamborghini Lancia Lea-Francis Lincoln Lotus Marcos Maserati
Matra Mazda McLaren Mercedes-Benz Mercury Merkur Messerschmitt
Metropolitan MG Mohs Monteverdi Moretti Morgan Morris
Muntz Nash Nash-Healey Nissan NSU Oldsmobile Opel
OSCA OSI OTAS Packard Panoz Panther Peerless
Pegaso Peugeot Pininfarina Playboy Plymouth Pontiac Porsche
Puma Qvale Rambler Renault Replicar Riley Rolls-Royce
Rover Saab Sabra Saleen Shelby Siata Singer
Skorpion Studebaker Stutz Subaru Sunbeam Swallow Talbo
Talbot-Lago Tatra Toyota Triumph Tucker Turner TVR
Vector Volkswagen Volvo Warwick Willys Woodill