RV Body Shop for Trailers, Campers and Motorhomes


When your RV sustains damage due to a collision in the Tacoma, WA area, RV collision repair services from a professional RV body shop are necessary. Services related to RV body work provided by Tacoma area RV collision repair experts help you drive safely.

City Center Collision Services is a reliable RV body shop in the Tacoma area, offering services like RV collision repair and RV body work with the utmost perfection. Whether it is your trailer, motorhome or camper that requires RV collision repair, we serve as a one-stop auto body shop for catering to diverse needs.

Additionally, we are recognized as a:

  • Trusted RV body shop
  • Experienced RV body shop
  • RV body shop you can rely on for all types of RV body work needs in the Tacoma area
  • RV body shop offering services from RV collision repair specialists
  • RV body shop providing committed services


RV Collision Repair for Damages to Your RV


To expect effective RV collision repair services, it is vital to count on an RV body shop in the Tacoma area. Holding such long experience, we are the RV body shop your can bring your requirements for RV collision repair to in the Tacoma area. The RV body work technicians working in our RV body shop are well-equipped with the latest tools to deliver advanced services to Tacoma area RV owners.

Regardless of the severity of damage to your RV, we offer the following in our Tacoma area RV body shop:

  • Efficient RV collision repair services
  • Custom RV collision repair services
  • Precise RV collision repair services
  • Safe RV collision repair services
  • Economical RV collision repair services


Expert RV Body Work to Get You Back on the Road


In the unfortunate event of an accident, the need for services from an RV body shop for Tacoma area RV owners cannot be denied. With many RV auto shops operating in the Tacoma area, it is crucial to choose seasoned professionals to expect quick results from RV body work.

By utilizing our experience and expertise, we perform accurate RV body work to get you back on the road as soon as possible. The following can be expected from us in the Tacoma area:

  • Proficient RV body work
  • Quick response to RV body work needs
  • Assistance of trained technicians for RV body work
  • Quick RV body work
  • Stress-free RV body work services

Tacoma area residents can call City Center Collision Services at 253-948-4655 for all types of RV body work needs.